Lincoln On Leadership – Chapter Eight

I’m currently reading the book Lincoln on Leadership. I wanted to share the chapter notes because they’re so good.

Chapter 8 – Exercise a Strong Hand – Be Decisive

  • An entire organization is never wisely sacrificed to avoid losing one or two small parts
  • Take advantage of confusion, desperation, and urgency to exercise strong leadership
  • Seize the initiative and never relinquish it
  • Don’t give up all your key points of strength or the competition may “beat out your brains”
  • Never let your immediate subordinate take action upon your responsibility without consulting you first
  • If you have a subordinate who has a presidential chin-fly biting him,  don’t knock it off
  • When making a decision, understand the facts, consider various solutions and their consequences, make sure that the decision is consistent with your objectives, and effectively communicate your judgement.
  • Remember that compromise does not mean cowardice
  • Try ballots first: when ballots don’t work, use bullets
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